Testimonials from Ladies & Gentlemen

Updated  March 2017








(DAVE) 2017

Thank you for thanking me, Krissy J   Here’s something you can post for me:


I saw Jade for a massage several years ago when she was still early in her practice.  At that time, it was a nice experience, but it was all hands and the table.  This time, I was intrigued by the multitude of offerings she’s added, and I selected the 120 minute multi-session.  This was the session that incorporates the exfoliating scrub, the hydro-jets, the vibration therapy, and the bamboo tools.  I enjoyed the entire evening from the time I walked into the studio until I left almost 3 hours later.  When I was finished, there were no kinks left anywhere, and every fiber had been professionally worked and personally attended.  I asked Jade if she would focus a bit on my hands, and she accommodated my request.  The hands seem to be the hardest working part of the body, and it’s nice to have them completely worked and relaxed.  I sensed that Jade may incorporate this into future sessions, so don’t be surprised if she does that.  I didn’t quite fall asleep, but I was very close during the bamboo tools work.  The combination of the vibration and massage tools was hypnotic.   Jade seemed not to mind doing all the work, which was considerable, but she transmits such a sense of peaceful serenity mixed with just a little humor and mischief, that falling asleep would be normal and desirable -- but you fight it with everything you have, because you don’t want to miss whatever’s coming next!   I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience except to maybe add even a little more time the next time out!  If, like me, you saw Jade a long time ago and haven’t seen her since, I encourage you to book again and find out how far she’s come and how much experience she’s gained over the past few years.  A top notch experience unlike any other I’ve had.   Dave (Tidewater VA)

(Mike) 2017

I just wanted to thank you for the great session.  I was extremely relaxed and enjoyed myself immensely.  I look forward to another time soon


(Greg) 2017

You never know what you’re going to get when you respond to an AD for a legitimate full body message by a CMT.  Jade truly exceeded my expectations.  The environment was as described on her website, a very clean and relaxing studio.  When I arrived, I was totally tensed as a result of the previous weeks work and needed to decompress. Jade has impeccable taste in music which is so relaxing. Jade is the real deal and is very talented at bodywork (massage). Well into the session, I was totally relaxed and thought I woke myself up from snoring a few times.  Her hands are small, soft, firm and very effective at body treatments.  She is the real deal at her craft. Jade is very down to earth, sweet, and caring.  I look forward to my next session. Thanks again. 

(JENSEN) 2016

First impressions are important, and Jade made a great first impression. She met me at the door with a smile, offered me something to drink, and told me to relax on the sofa while she finished setting up. I was comfortable with her immediately. Jade is pretty and very sexy, she was in a dress, and yes the photos are very real.

Jade truly cares about her work, and it shows in the small details. She adjusted the room temperature and music to my comfort level. Non-greasy, custom-made lotion was used (she makes her own). The lotion was removed after each body part was treated, ensuring that it didn't have time to sink into my skin. Great personality--she's fun to talk to, if you're feeling chatty. But she takes her cues from her clients and she doesn't talk when she senses you want to zone out for a while. If you haven't seen her yet, I highly recommend you make an appointment.


(BOB) 2016

I enjoyed the massage very much and will schedule more in the future. Particularly, I liked how the lotion used did not leave me sticky or oily; I showered before the massage and was happy to not need another one as I had anticipated. I'm a very relaxed and satisfied man after experiencing Jade's massage.


(CANE) 2016

Emailed Jade to set up appointment, immediate reply with light screening. Replied to email and received a call and set-up appointment. Jade's accent is . Jade is quite busy, so we finally found a time that worked for both of us and I set an appointment. Jade's bodywork is one of the best I have ever had and will repeat!



(RON )  2016

Jade, Thanks for a wonderful body treatment. It was the first time seeing you and it felt like I have been seeing you for years. Very relaxing and professional. The extra time you spent with me means you have got a repeat client here, thanks


(HU HU)  2016 

Thanks Jade for a wonderful body treatment. Total relaxation. Felt the stress melt away. If you aren't careful you will fall asleep and if you need to be somewhere well, let's just say you will be late because Jade doesn't watch the clock. Her only desire is to make you comfortable and relaxed. Would highly recommend. Thanks again Jade.



Ladies Testimonial 

(Lisa)  2016

Jade is very professional. I would recommend his services to anyone! My treatment was awesome and very relaxing as well as the atmosphere.



(NARD) 2015

Jade was great !  The session was wonderful and left me feeling calm and free of stress. I definitely recommend her !



(RAB)  2015

Jade, Thank you very much.  The stress and health benefits are incredible based on your therapy.  I had a muscle knot below my shoulder blade that has been there for weeks, it was gone the next morning after your therapy.  Additionally my blood glucose level (i am a diabetic type II) was much lower for 4 days after the therapy....perhaps you rubbed the extra glucose out between the muscles!!. Thank you again B



(Mnlght) 2015

I have drifted in an out of bodywork for many years, and I do have an appreciation for the difference between a bodywork and cursory back rub. I had the pleasure of meeting  Jade earlier this week. I was looking for a real massage, but without the discomfort that deep tissue sometimes brings. Jade seemed likely to fit my needs and she did.  Background music which was a mix of soft vocal and easy listening and blended perfectly with her massage technique. I can only echo what others have said about the bodywork -- it is medium pressure relaxation at its best and that seems to be what this lady is all about. Time is not an issue -- I was with her far more than an hour. As is often the case, it's best to let Jade lead and simply go with the flow. Jade is rightly proud of her  skills and proud of herself. She insists that she be treated with respect. I tried my best to do that, and I was rewarded with extra time on her table. All in all, it was time, and money, well spent and I hope I can see her again soon.



(Cheapandeasy)  2015 

It was just as advertised very relaxing. I have neck back issues and can't stand too much pressure without extreme pain. Jade accommodated my condition and the pressure wasn't too hard or too soft, as Goldilocks said, it was just right. Unfortunately, she is out of my area, but as soon as I get a chance I plan on a return visit.



(Guy)   2015

"After seeing Jade for the first time, any skepticism I had about her ads disappeared. She is a beautiful woman with a magical touch and immediately puts you at ease. She is very respectful of silence and has an uncanny ability to find those troublesome knotty spots and gently relax them. She is a rare find and I can't wait to see her again." Jade, there is so much more that I could say but "Truly amazing" works for me.



(Bry) 2014

Gents - Jade is amazing!  The treatment was wonderful and left me feeling renewed and re-energized.  Treat her right guys, she's a jewel!



(FFX GUY) 2014

Jade has a wonderful, if not unique accent. She has a quite condo, a relaxing room set aside with a professional table. Usually has nice Celtic music playing & can hold her own in a conversation. When you book an appointment have plenty of time available. Jade doesn't rush you. She doesn't rush herself. I have been on the table as long as three hours before. Very professional and relaxing. Very good at checking on how you are doing and will adjust accordingly. If you want quiet, she can be quiet as will. Jade makes her own lotion. It is an interesting touch that adds a little something to the experience. Be polite. Be Respectful. If so you will be invited for more time on her table. Believe me, you want more time on her table.



(Kamran) 2014

WOW, what an amazing experience. You were unbelievable and are definitely Washington'''s best kept secret. Jade is simply amazing. She is by far the best masseuse I have ever had been to and I have tried several high end spas. My only reluctance to give her such a great review is that she will be so busy once people know how amazing she is that it will be hard to see her. Oh if only I could bottle her up and sell her, I would be so rich, Thanks Jade



(Jose)  2014

I absolutely LOVED my session with Jade!  Her professional yet down-to-earth personality really helped set a relaxing tone for the session, and the heated table is just over the top.  Hands down one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had.  She was very considerate of my comfort, making sure the pressure was always just right. Bottom line is she is a truly skilled therapist and knows what she is doing. 



(SMJ) 2014

Jade , Thanks again.  I know a good person when I meet one. That's what attracted me to your web site. Too many questionable places out there.  But you turned out to be the classy Irish Lady that you said you were. Your treatment was the best ever.  I enjoyed my appointment. That's the truth. Hope to feel your hands more in the future. I hope this doesn't sound bad because it's meant to be a compliment, but I didn't except you to be as pretty as you actually are. When I first saw you I thought, Wow, I made the right choice, even though I rarely saw you through the whole time, because my head was in a pillow. Also, most people like me hate their voice, but your voice is just balmy. See you soon. Steve



(Steve) 2014

Jade was fantastic and extremely professional, I left very relaxed and pondering when I would be able to return



(Dream) 2014

Jade is the best one can find. If you are looking for a thorough, relaxing and unrushed session, then she is the one for you. Each session although different each time gets better and better. I felt like a marshmallow when I got of the table and can't wait to go back for more. I'm addicted.



(CLIFF)  2014

There are very few advertisements in life that are true in every way-Jade's is definitely one of them. I have never had a more relaxing experience in my life. Mind you-this was my first body treatment, but she put me at ease from the first moment I was there. The music she uses is very relaxing, as is her treatment. I would highly recommend Jade to anyone that has stress in their life (as I do) because she will take you away from all that stress during her sessions. I'm looking forward to being able to get away again from the stresses of life during one of her sessions. And yes-the photos represent her very well. There is nothing at all fake about Jade-she is clear about what she provides and she delivers on what she promises.



(JAY)  2014

I visited most recently on a cold, mid-winter day. First Jade made me comfortable with a cup of tea and calming conversation -- emphasizing there was no hurry -- which immediately placed me in a more relaxed state of mind. Once on the table a high-quality treatment, focused on the major back/spine tension areas worked out the knots -- but it was the non-rushed method, that resulted in a great visit. I hope to schedule my next session later this month.



(Jim)  2014

"Jade has a friendly and charismatic demeanor that immediately puts you at ease and makes her job of working out the kinks a better experience. She has a warm cozy table, making it very easy to lose yourself in the moment and soak in everything she does. Your muscles will thank you for days afterwards! No funny business, no disappointments. You will receive quality treatment just like the website and her reviews indicate. Thank you Jade"




(MR)  2013

Had a wonderful appointment with Jade...I came in with a very tender back and hip issue..ON GOING pain sucks! Well needless to say all I had to do was mention this and Jade was focused! She spent the whole session working my lower back and hips. Started slow and easy always asking if I was ok....Got the muscles and tendons loose and then finished with some deeper more focused strokes...I left feeling better than I have in a long time....Thank you dear...



(Alan)  2013

I had the pleasure of receiving a nice appointment from Jade today...We have tried to get together a couple times and today our schedules were able to coincide...I felt relaxed and calm from the minute I walked in the door. She offers a stress free environment & a wonderfully touch in her sessions. It was a wonderful  session, with a relaxing style to her body treatment. She is a nice lady and I definitely plan on a return visit when I need to unwind. If you want to know how relaxing you can feel from a visit to Jade please give her a try..And be nice! 



Ladies Testimonial 

(Wendy) 2013

Amazing Massage, I had a 2 hour massage with Jade & it was very relaxing & worth the time. She worked out a lot of the knots in my back and I left feeling very refreshed. I will be back!!



(SS fer) 2013

Thank you sooooooooo much for an incredibly, relaxing afternoon. It was more than I had imagined. Gentlemen, if you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday stressful life, you need to spend some time with Jade! She is so committed and focused on taking that stress away. There are no words to describe how relaxed and mellow I felt after our time together. She provides the utmost relaxed and private environment with candles, soft music, and incense. If you have the patience to endure her screening process and follow the rules, the reward is yours. A very pleased and totally relaxed client



(Steven)  2012

"I've been a recipient of body treatments for over 15 years, and I'm very particular in choosing my  therapist. Jade is by far the best I've found. She is very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned to your needs. She counties to learn new  techniques that makes her an expert in her craft. Her hands are simply magic, and should be insured by Loyd's of London" ~ Steven



(TK)  2012

Jade: Thank you for a great session today.  You truly are exceptional both as a therapist and as a person.



(JF)  2012

The pace and stress of work was wearing me down. A session was scheduled I was not sure what to expect. Jade greeted me and all my apprehensions disappeared. 90 minutes later I felt - had a religious experience. Awesome!



(GT)  2012

I was looking for a very nice relaxing full body massage and found Jade's post on BP. From BP I got a link to her personal web site which was extremely informative regarding what she does and does not offer. I sent her an email and was able to set up an appointment a couple hours later. She guided me to her neighborhood which is very nice and very secure. Went up to her place and was greeted by a very pleasant woman who you see in her site pics. She offered some refreshments and guided me to a room where she has a  table and accoutrement's set up. It's a very nice relaxing atmosphere. Jade makes her own lotions and has a great relaxing touch. She's very good about trying to make everything professional, safe, and inviting. 



(CA) July 2012

If you want a real treatment that is relaxing, she's your girl. Jade makes her own warm oil that she uses during the session, and really takes her time.  Lasted over the hour that I wanted, she really takes her time. Jade had me undress and offered a sheet to cover if I wanted it, I chose not to use it. She gave an awesome treatment covering my entire back, legs where she really worked all the kinks out, Jade's session is one of the best I have ever had and will repeat! 



(52)  2012

Jade is very discrete. I emailed her on Monday and saw her on Wednesday morning. She provides a relaxing professional treatment



(Fun Guy)  2012

Hi jade! You can definitely use the comment below to add to your testimonial.  I just wanted to comment on how at ease Jade made me feel from the moment I stepped in the door. I was very hesitant at first because of bad experiences with other providers but Jade melted all that nervous tension away. She is extremely professional and as long as you're in for an extremely relaxing time, then she is your woman. Her sense of humor is fantastic and she is very friendly. As long as you're on her table, she will treat you as if you're the only 2 people in the world. Guys...treat this lady with respect and you will get respect in return. She was very professional, sensual, and therapeutic. Don't miss out on such a lovely therapist guys. You won't regret it. Thanks again Jade, you were fantastic!



(Chris)  2012

I have never had professional bodywork before and I was pleasantly surprised! Jade was so inviting and immediately put me at ease. I was able to relax and enjoy an amazing bodywork session! I will definitely be coming back for more! Thanks Jade!



(Al)  2012

As a result of two shoulder surgeries, I have a lot of scar tissue which makes various muscles in my back knot up.  The hour I spent on Jade’s table was one of the most relaxing and stress release therapy sessions that I have ever experienced. Her unique technique of releasing pressure points kept me pain free for many days after-wards. I would highly recommend her for her superb therapeutic sessions and superlative ethical standards. Al



(Simon)  2012

The combination of Jade's intuitive bodywork, her warm, soft hands and slow tempo results in the ultimate relaxation experience!